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You Answered the Call – Thanks!

By on February 3, 2008 in Call for Help with 0 Comments

A little less than a month ago, I put out the official call for help about photo submissions, and you responded BIG TIME. (I’d actually been accepting photos all along, but got serious about it after finishing the manuscript.) The deadline is now come and gone and I’m in the process of sharing your photos with Omnibus for possible use in U2, A Diary. Here’s what I’m sharing:

Contributors: 78
Photos: 337
Size: 605 mb

Thank you!!! There are some really amazing photos in the collection, and I’m sure many will make the cut and be included in the book. I don’t expect to get any updates about which photos are used and which aren’t, but if I hear anything, I’ll certainly share it.

I’m not positive, but I think the next step in this process is for Omnibus to hire a designer to put the book together (they may have already hired a company for that), and at some point down the road I think I’ll be able to view some early proofs showing what the book will look like. That’s probably a couple months away. And then when the proofs are all approved, the book goes to print. Sweet!

Although the vast majority of my work is done, I’ll still be posting here on the blog — perhaps with some more book samples, perhaps some more Q&A, and obviously I’ll share any updates on the book’s production.

Thanks again to all who have helped in any way. You guys rock.

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