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What I’ve Learned So Far

By on June 20, 2007 in The Things You Learn with 3 Comments

Thank you! So far, in about 40 hours since announcing the book and this blog, I’ve received more than 50 emails from fans around the world. Some just write to say “Congrats”, but most are sharing very helpful stories and information.

If you think you might have some story or photo or fact that would be helpful, but you’re not sure what I’m looking for, here’s a sample of what people have shared via email already. This should give a good idea of the type of material needed:

  • Photos of Bono when he stopped to visit fans outside the radio studio on August 28, 1992, when they did the “Rockline” radio call-in show (which included a call from Bill Clinton). There’s an entry in the book for that show, but photos will be a great addition.
  • Photos and info. about the Daniel Lanois concert in 2003 where Edge made a guest appearance.
  • Info. about the day Bono and Edge sang “In a Little While” on a Miami beach lifeguard stand, while filming that “A Day in the Life of Edge” video.
  • Info. and photos from a fan who was at Abbey Road last year when U2 and Green Day were recording there.
  • Info. about U2 almost missing their first show in Switzerland in 1981.
  • Info. about Bono attending a service at Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco, and being asked to speak to the churchgoers and lead the choir in a couple songs.

And the list could go on and on. I’m learning all kinds of great stuff already! 🙂

That’s the kind of information/photos that I think will be a big help with U2 Diary. So if you think you have something that might also belong in the book, please use the contact page and tell me about it. Thanks!

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  1. Propaganda says:

    Matt, Goodluck with this effort!!

    I will browse the history of my site (u2bloodredskyhub.com / u2hub.com) for who has written something which is worthy.
    I will try to contact them first, and if all fails I will contact you with all the details I have.

    gr. Propaganda (Frank)


  2. Matt says:

    Thanks so much, Frank — much appreciated!

  3. babette ross says:

    hi Matt – i meant to send you thumbnails of 8.28.92 this weekend but didnt get to it… sometime between now and next weekend i will. I did manage to pull them up and found i also have popmart press conference in kmart…

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