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Unanswered Questions…

By on July 19, 2007 in Call for Help with 2 Comments

Here are the still unresolved questions from the CALLS FOR HELP category:

1) When did Bono first meet Gavin? (I’ve got this in the book at around 1972-73.)

2) When was Dick Evans born? Where?

3) When did Bringing It All Back Home air on BBC/RTE? (Spring of 1991 is the best I can do so far.)

4) What was the exact date that Mt. Temple opened? (I’ve emailed their web site, but no reply.)

I’m sure there’ll be plenty more to come, too……

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There Are 2 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Amy says:

    You’ve probably already found at least this much since I’m sure you’ve read and re-read U2 By U2 multiple times, but I don’t think you mentioned getting this fact down for sure, so I though I’d just add this.

    On page 39, Bono says he and Guggi met Gavin when they were 13. So that’d be 1973. The problem with that is that Guggi’s a year older than Bono (as he mentioned somewhere else that he met Guggi when he was 3 and Guggi was 4). So… 1973 would be my best guess. Not exactly, uhm, exact, is it? (If you found out when the actual date was, I’d love to know, though, for curiosity’s sake!)

  2. Matt says:

    Thanks, Amy – only read U2 by U2 once, and I’m waiting until the end to re-read it again. Cool. Good to know that’s in there.

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