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This Would’ve Been Cool to Know…

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Do you all know the super-old U2 song called “Be There”? It’s appeared on a couple bootlegs, I think. Good song.

From what I’ve been able to find, U2 finished that song in March, 1982, during a studio session with Blondie producer Jimmie Destri. I’d never heard anything about how/when the song first came to life, until just now as I’m reading this Spin magazine article. Here’s what Bono says:”

“…there was one song, written in Holland, that came like that. This roadie handed the Edge a guitar that was supposed to be in tune, but was actually in a different tuning than usual even though it was still harmonious. Edge struck the guitar. Once. I just immediately stopped the band and asked Larry to play a beat, and we just went into it. The tape recorder was rolling, and five minutes later there was a song with verse, chorus, lyrics, theme — everything. It was called ‘Be There.’ Our manager just freaked.”

Unfortunately, “written in Holland” isn’t enough to go on. By the time the song was finished in March, 1982, they’d already played Holland countless times.

Oh, well…life goes on. As does the research!

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