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Sometimes, It’s the Small Victories…

By on July 8, 2007 in Book Samples with 1 Comment

I like when little things come together perfectly. Here’s an example of what just happened, and how it helped fill a small hole in the book:

1.) I’m reading this article to get some background about U2’s deal with ESPN for those World Cup soccer/football commercials last year. The article mentions that Bono and Paul McGuinness were looking at the scripts for those commercials while U2 flew from Los Angeles to Monterrey earlier in 2006 during the Vertigo Tour.

Ding! That deserves a mention. Not hugely important, but it should be in the book. It adds a little more detail to the process and development of U2’s relationship with ESPN.

But where to find out the day of that flight?

2) Where else, but Willie Williams’ tour diaries on U2.com. After poking around a bit, it becomes obvious that the band flew to Monterrey on February 10, 2006.

So, we have a new diary entry for the book, which looks like this:

February 10, 2006

Though much of the crew is already in Mexico, U2 flies from Los Angeles to Monterrey today. During the flight, the band reviews the scripts for a series of World Cup commercials ESPN wants to air later this year. The scripts call for each band member to provide voice-overs for a set of five commercials.

As I said, sometimes it’s the little victories…..

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  1. esparby says:

    Awesome! Congratulations, Matt! 🙂


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