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Oh, What a Relief It Is

By on December 28, 2008 in The Book with 1 Comment

You may recall this post from the start of the month — Perfect Gift for U2 Fans — where I showed a photo of five (5) copies of U2 – a Diary on the shelf at my local Barnes & Noble bookstore.

A fear came over me right around Christmas … a fear that no one in my hometown had bought a copy of the book! I was thinking to myself, What if I go into B&N after Christmas and all five copies are still there?

The horror! The shame! The embarrassment!

Well, talk about relief: I walked into the store yesterday and, holding my breath the whole time, ventured into the music books section. Great news: There were only three copies left!

Whew! You have no idea what a relief that was. 🙂

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  1. Congrats for that. I know how you feel. I wrote 2 books and got ripped off by the publishers, so I celebrate everything other writers achieve because it’s a tough job, indeed.
    I hope the book fares REALLY WELL…and it has potential for go even further. Now with a new album and tour getting closer it’ll prompt people to check your book.

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