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List of U2 Magazine Cover Appearances

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I don’t know if there’ll be a place in the book for this, but I think it’s worth trying. What I’m posting below is a list of magazine issues that have had U2 or one of the band members on the cover. The list is a joint production of two fans: Mary C. and Lynn E., with a couple additions of my own. 🙂

How you can help: Use the comments to add any cover appearances that are missing.

I’m sure there are plenty of international magazines not mentioned here. If we come up with something resembling a comprehensive, international list, it may have a place in the book.

Here’s the list. Dates are in U.S. format.

11/01/1980 Record Mirror UK
02/14/1981 New Musical Express UK
02/27/1982 New Musical Express UK
6/30/1982 Oor Netherlands
02/26/1983 New Musical Express UK
March 1983 CMJ Progressive Media USA
April 1983 Boston Rock USA
April 1983 Rockbill USA
05/01/1983 Oor Netherlands
May 1983 Cashbox USA
July 1983 Trouser Press USA
10/27/1984 New Musical Express UK
October 1984 Jamming UK
11/10/1984 Melody Maker UK
12/1/1984 Oor Netherlands
December 1984 International Musician and Recording World USA
January 1985 Musician USA
03/14/1985 Rolling Stone USA
April 1985 BAM USA
April 1985 Extra USA
June 1985 Rock Fever USA
May 1985 Rock Video USA
June 1985 Guitar Player USA
06/22/1985 New Musical Express UK
August 1985 Modern Drummer USA
10/19/1985 Hit Krant Netherlands
January 1986 Smash Hits UK
02/08/1986 Melody Maker UK
March 1986 Bizz Brazil
May 1986 Creem USA
06/27/1986 Ciao2001 Italy
July 1986 Rockbill USA
03/14/1987 Melody Maker UK
03/14/1987 New Musical Express UK
03/21/1987 Sounds UK
03/21/1987 Oor Netherlands
03/26/1987 USA Today USA
03/28/1987 Sounds UK
04/10/1987 Ciao2001 Italy
04/27/1987 Time USA
April 1987 Mucchio Selvaggio Italy
05/07/1987 Rolling Stone USA
May 1987 Musician USA
May 1987 Rock Express Canada
06/04/1987 Hot Press Ireland
06/06/1987 New Musical Express UK
07/02/1987 Hot Press Ireland
July 1987 Guitar World USA
July 1987 Only Music USA
July 1987 Q UK
August 1987 Creem Collectors Series
August 1987 Star Hits USA
08/01/1987 Sounds UK
Fall 1987 Song Hits Rock Heroes
11/04/1987 Smash Hits UK
11/08/1987 Rolling Stone USA
12/19/1987 New Musical Express UK
12/19/1987 Melody Maker UK
December 1987 Music Express USA
03/10/1988 Rolling Stone USA
April 1988 Creem USA
07/05/1988 Oor Netherlands
July 1988 Record Collector UK
10/22/1988 Melody Maker UK
10/22/1988 Sounds UK
10/22/1988 New Musical Express UK
11/03/1988 Hot Press Ireland
11/19/1988 Juke Australia
November 1988 Q UK
November 1988 Premiere USA
December 1988 Music Express USA
December 1988 Non Pok Greece
Dec 88/Jan 89 Hot Press Ireland
January 1989 Spin USA
03/09/1989 Rolling Stone USA
May 1989 Mother Jones USA
06/14/1989 Pop Rock Yugoslavia
October 1989 The Edge
October 1989 Rolling Stone Australian edition
12/16/1989 New Musical Express UK
02/06/1990 Ciao2001 Italy
March 1990 Record Collector UK
11/30/1990 Goldmine USA
04/18/1991 Hot Press Ireland
October 1991 Rock DeLux Spain
11/08/1991 The Gavin Report USA
11/18/1991 Hits
11/26/1991 Ciao2001 Italy
11/28/1991 Rolling Stone USA
11/30/1991 Oor Netherlands
November 1991 Select UK
December 1991 Vox UK
December 1991 Record Hunter UK
01/30/1992 Hot Press Ireland
03/21/1992 New Musical Express UK
March 1992 Musician USA
April 1992 The Face UK
05/16/1992 Oor Netherlands
05/18/1992 Hits
May 1992 Select UK
06/13/92 New Musical Express UK
06/18/1992 Hot Press Ireland
June 1992 Rock World UK
July 1992 Spin USA
10/01/1992 Rolling Stone USA
September 1992 Musician USA
September 1992 Details USA
December 1992 British Vogue UK
January 1993 Record Collector UK
January 1993 Q UK
January 1993 Rock World UK
03/04/1993 Rolling Stone USA
05/22/1993 New Musical Express UK
06/02/1993 Hot Press Ireland
06/18/1993 Hot Press Ireland
June 1993 Select UK
July 1993 Musician USA
07/10/1993 Oor Netherlands
07/31/1993 Melody Maker UK
08/31/1993 Circus USA
August 1993 Vox UK
August 1993 M8 UK
09/22/1993 Hot Press Ireland
September 1993 Q UK
September 1993 Juice Australia
10/14/1993 Rolling Stone USA
October 1993 Pulse
October 1993 Music & Technology UK
October 1993 Non Pok Greece
11/20/1993 Melody Maker UK
Winter 1993 Arena UK
December 1993 EQ USA
January 1994 Sound And Recording Japan
February 1994 Record Collector UK
February 1994 Details USA
10/05/1994 Hot Press Ireland
June 1995 Q UK
August 1995 Musician USA
September 1995 Record Collector UK
10/21/1995 New Musical Express UK
11/18/1995 Oor Netherlands
December 1995 Guitar UK
10/30/1996 Hot Press Ireland
February 1997 Musician USA
02/22/1997 Melody Maker UK
02/23/1997 El Pais Semanal Spain
02/26/1997 Time Out UK
03/02/1997 The Observer Life UK
03/08/1997 New Musical Express UK
03/08/1997 Oor Netherlands
03/17/1997 Hits
March 1997 Record Collector UK
March 1997 Q UK
March 1997 Spin USA
March 1997 Sound And Recording Japan
March 1997 Zoo Denmark
April 1997 Ray Gun
04/03/1997 Hot Press Ireland
04/30/1997 Los Angeles Times Calendar USA
April 1997 Total Guitar UK
April 1997 Watt Netherlands
April 1997 Rock And Folk France
May 1997 Everything Entertainment
05/09/1997 Entertainment Weekly USA
05/29/1997 Rolling Stone USA
May 1997 Live USA
May 1997 Dazed & Confused UK
June 1997 Gigging Musician UK
June 1997 Live In Concert Germany
07/01/1997 Mojo UK
07/12/1997 Oor Netherlands
08/20/1997 Hot Press Ireland
Aug/Sept 1997 dSide Ireland
September 1997 Guitar World USA
09/03/1997 Hot Press Ireland
Fall 1997 Bassics USA
10/11/1997 New Musical Express UK
Nov/Dec 1997 Music & Computers
11/20/1997 Jam – Florida’s Music Magazine USA
11/30/1997 The Sunday Review UK
December 1997 Vox UK
March 1998 IT Australia
September 1998 Nixos Greece
10/30/1998 The Album Network
10/31/1998 Oor Netherlands
11/25/1998 Hot Press Ireland
December 1998 Zoo Greece
September 1999 Record Collector UK
November 1999 dSide Ireland
Dec/Jan 1999 dSide Ireland
December 1999 Uncut UK
03/29/2000 Hot Press Ireland
March 2000 Complot Mexico
04/29/2000 Oor Netherlands
April 2000 George USA
10/07/2000 Billboard USA
10/14/2000 New Musical Express UK
10/28/2000 Oor Netherlands
11/08/2000 Hot Press Ireland
November 2000 Musica Tutto Italy
November 2000 Aloha Netherlands
November 2000 Gaffa Denmark
November 2000 Rolling Stone German edition
November 2000 Vanity Fair USA
November 2000 Q UK
December 2000 Bass Player USA
Winter 2000 Revolver USA
01/18/2001 Rolling Stone USA
January 2001 Record Collector UK
January 2001 Guitar Player USA
02/17/2001 New Musical Express UK
March 2001 Action Austria
April 2001 Spin USA
06/03/2001 Sunday Times Culture UK
Summer 2001 Grammy Magazine USA
07/07/2001 Specchio Italy
07/28/2001 Het Volkskrant Netherlands
08/08/2001 Time Out UK
08/25/2001 The Irish Times Magazine
08/29/2001 Hot Press Ireland
09/05/2001 Who Ireland
Summer 2001 Q Special UK
November 2001 Details USA
November 2001 Irish Connections USA
Winter 2001 The Musician’s Planet
January 2002 Spin USA
03/04/2002 Time USA Bono
05/22/2002 Hot Press Ireland
November 2002 Q UK
11/06/2002 Hot Press Ireland
12/04/2002 Hot Press Ireland
Dec 2002/Jan 2003 Now Austria
March 2003 Christianity Today USA
04/28/2003 Time EU edition
Spring/Summer 2003 RNRHOF Liner Notes USA
October 2003 Uncut UK
February 2004 Details USA Bono & Edge on cover
March/April 2004 Relevant USA
April 2004 Spin USA
04/28/2004 The A List
September 2004 Record Collector UK
Oct/Nov 04 Black Book USA
11/03/2004 Rolling Stone USA
11/07/2004 Sunday Times Magazine UK
November 2004 Blender USA
November 2004 Q UK
November 2004 Uncut UK
November 2004 Pink Mexico
11/27/2004 Billboard USA
11/27/2004 Oor Netherlands
Nov/Dec 2004 Books & Culture USA
12/01/2004 Hot Press Ireland
12/25/2004 New Musical Express UK
12/30/2004 Rolling Stone USA
December 2004 Rolling Stone French edition
December 2004 Q UK
December 2004 Spin USA
December 2004 Snoozer Japan
01/29/2005 Billboard USA
02/06/2005 Observer Magazine UK
02/09/2005 Hot Press Ireland
February 2005 Rolling Stone Australian edition
February 2005 Rock Stage Mexico
March 2005 Oor Netherlands
June 2005 Cara Ireland
06/29/2005 Hot Press Ireland
07/09/2005 New Musical Express UK
July 2005 Rolling Stone EU edition
July 2005 Spin USA
July 2005 Mojo UK
July 2005 Oor Netherlands
July 2-8, 2005 TV Times
July 2-8, 2005 Radio Times
August 2005 Rolling Stone Germany
August 2005 Information Week USA
08/07/2005 El Magazine Spain
09/18/2005 New York Times Magazine USA
September 2005 Guitar World USA
11/03/2005 Rolling Stone USA
11/26/2005 Weekend Herald Time Out New Zealand
November 2005 Total Guitar UK
November 2005 Ode USA
Nov/Dec 2005 Watch Netherlands
Nov/Dec 2005 New Man USA
December 2005 Observer Music Monthly UK
December 2005 Vive Chile
12/26/2005 Time USA
December 2005 The Word UK
January 2006 Bass Player USA
January 2006 Q UK
January 2006 News Max USA
March 2006 Semana Argentina
March 2006 Ocean Drive Mexico
June 2006 Healthwise New Zealand
August 2006 Record Collector UK
11/16/2006 The Irish Times Magazine Ireland
11/18/2006 New Musical Express UK
11/29/2006 Hot Press Ireland
November 2006 Q UK
July 2007 Vanity Fair USA
December 2007 HD Video Pro USA

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There Are 20 Brilliant Comments

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  1. bjoern says:

    December 2004 Rolling Stone German edition

  2. U2isdebest says:

    I found:
    03/12/1983 Oor Netherlands
    09/08/1984 Oor Netherlands
    06/14/1986 Oor Netherlands
    February 1988 Q UK
    11/05/1988 Oor Netherlands
    December 1988 Paperclip Magazine Netherlands
    April 1989 Q UK
    July 1992 Q UK
    05/01/1993 Oor Netherlands
    November 1998 Q UK
    07/14/2001 Oor Netherlands
    October 2006 Oor Netherlands
    January 2007 Q UK
    February 2007 Q UK
    March 2007 Q UK
    September 2007 Q UK

    and it is not
    11/08/1987 Rolling Stone USA, but
    10/08/1987 Rolling Stone USA


    Good Luck,

  3. U2isdebest says:

    I forgot these two:
    October 1988 Rockstar Italy
    August 1993 Rockstar Italy


  4. Scott says:

    11/03/2004 Rolling Stone USA ???

    Only solo U2 Rolling Stone cover (USA/CAN) in 2004 was Dec 14, – Jan 13/05 – #964/965 ‘People of the Year’. On the Sept 30 cover ’50th Anniversary of Rock’, issue #958 there is a picture of the band.


  5. Maria Teresa says:

    Hello Matt,
    Just in case you might be interested in brazilian music magazines, here a few issues with U2 or a band member on the cover:

    November 1991 Bizz Brazil
    August 1992 Bizz Brazil
    February 1996 ShowBizz Brazil
    April 1997 ShowBizz Brazil
    January 1998 IstoÉ Brazil
    February 1998 ShowBizz Brazil
    April 2000 ShowBizz Brazil
    November 2000 Shopping Music Brazil
    July 2001 Bizz Brazil
    February 2006 Bizz Brazil

    These are the ones I still have. There are many others, but I don´t have them anymore, unfortunetaly.


  6. Rob Perry (inkwithgold) says:

    The band were on the cover of New Zealand’s Rip It Up magazine in 2006.



  7. Carmen Hernández-Lara says:

    10/22/00 El país semanal Spain
    May 2001 La mosca en la pared Mexico
    December 2002 Switch Mexico
    January 2003 La mosca en la pared Mexico

    Cheers, Carmen

  8. U2Angel says:

    Australian Guitar Magazine March / April 2007
    Q Magazine September 2007

  9. Josh from Tucson (originally Boston) says:

    Boston Phoenix: Feb 28-March 6, 1997
    The Boston Globe’s Calendar Section (Pullout): April 30, 1987

    I scanned these covers into my computer when I was cleaning my house a couple of years ago, so if you need them, shoot me an email..

    Btw: Great Idea.

  10. Phil Romans says:

    The Bob, May 1983
    http://www.thebobmagazine.com/ (archives… )
    The issue also has interviews with Steve Lillywhite and The Virgin Prunes. Quiet the U2 reference!

  11. Derek says:

    I have Telegraph Magazine (UK national press) dated 28th October 2000 with Bono on the cover.

    Plus does Bono’s guest editorial control of the Independent (UK) in 2006 need to be included – even though U2 are not on the cover?

    Grace & peace

  12. Matt says:

    Thanks for all the great replies everyone — please keep ’em coming if you have more to add to the list. 🙂

  13. Liseth says:

    Hi Matt,

    I found some more for Q UK

    June 2005
    April 2005
    September 2004
    August 2004
    May 2004
    February 2002
    August 2001
    February 1998
    January 1990

    Happy New Year and good luck editing!

  14. Maria Teresa says:

    You´re welcome Matt. I´ll ask around here for a other brazilian mags, I´m sure people from my local list will be able to help.


  15. Kent says:

    The latest Q in shops right now in UK (Jan 08 issue?) has Bono on the cover.

  16. Kent says:


    This might prove useful. (and from this link, the one I have seen in the last few days must be either ‘a special’ or Feb 08.


  17. Michael DeWitt says:

    Hi Matt – great idea. I did a quick check against some notes I had (because I wanted to do the same thing about 5 years ago…) and you’ve got a great list going. My notes as follows:

    1979 Nov 10th Record Mirror (Larry and Edge on cover; 1st ever U2
    1982 Feb 6 Melody Maker (Bono on cover)
    1988 Premier vol2 number 3
    1991 May Select (Bono on cover)
    1997 May 10 Melody Maker (small pic of Bono on cover)
    2000 January Newsweek “Citizen Case: Bono Crusader”
    2000 December you have “Bass Player” and I am showing “Guitar Player” that features Edge on the Cover story
    2001 January you have “Guitar Player” and I am showing “Bass Player” that features Adam Clayton
    2001 March Hits (U2 on cover)
    2001 May Men’s Journal about “Heroes” (small pic of bono on cover)
    2001 June High Life British Airways magazine (Bono on cover)
    2001 June/July Blender magazine “U2: Making Rock Great Again”
    2001 Aug Aloha (Dutch Magazine) Feature on Adam Clayton
    2001 Aug MAO Magazine (Early U2 photos)
    2001 August OOR (Dutch Magazine) “Bono ‘connect-the-dots” on the cover
    ???? Music Line Special (French Magazine) issue 5 completely devoted to U2

    By the way – I do not believe there is a comprehensive book listing out there either – at least not one that I’ve found. It might be something to consider as well. If your interested in my list of books, please e-mail me separatly. Good luck and best regards,
    Michael DeWitt

  18. Virginia Pratt says:

    These may be duplicates…but I didn’t see them….

    August/September 2002 Irish America
    May 8, 2006 Time (Special Issue)
    November 23-29, 2002 TV Week (Newspaper insert)

    Good luck!

  19. Richard says:

    Matt – late in the day but I have UK Vogue, Vox, Face, Select all from the 92/93 years if you need them.

    Bono as only the 2nd male to appear on the cover of Vogue, the first being actor Terrence Stamp.

    Good luck with the book and thanks for all your efforts.

  20. bjoern says:

    sorry matt,

    by far not complete, but at least some additions:

    October 1988 musikexpress/sounds Germany
    January 1989 musikexpress/sounds Germany
    March 1991 musikexpress/sounds Germany
    December 1991 musikexpress/sounds Germany
    February 1992 musikexpress/sounds Germany
    May 1992 Zounds Germany
    December 1992 Rock World Germany
    28th of May 1993 Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazin Germany
    June 1997 live in Concert Germany
    August 1997 musikexpress/sounds Germany
    November 2000 Libro Journal Austria
    November 2000 Rolling Stone German Edition
    January 2001 Hotvision Germany
    March 2001 Action Austria
    December 2004 Rolling Stone German Edition

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