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“I Don’t Live in Irishtown”

By on June 16, 2007 in The Things You Learn with 2 Comments

While re-reading the Rolling Stone Files book a while back, I came across the big Christopher Connelly article that accompanied the “Band of the ’80s” issue in 1985.

Near the end of the article, Connelly’s interviewing Bono — this is in November ’84 — and Bono mentions that he’s just written a new song called “I Don’t Live in Irishtown.”

“It’s about a man who isn’t Protestant or Catholic, English or Irish.”

Wonder what ever became of that one….

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  1. Cyril says:

    Don’t you think “I Don’t Live in Irishtown”, mentionned in November ’84, could have evolved in God Part II, which made it to Rattle and Hum?

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