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Help! I have lots of questions…

By on June 25, 2007 in Call for Help with 16 Comments

Anyone able to help with any of these questions below? If so, answer in the comments. And provide a source if you can. Thanks!


When did Bono first meet Gavin? If not an exact date, at least the month and year. Or maybe just the year.

When was Dick Evans born? Where?

When did Bono meet with Dylan to write “Love Rescue Me”?

When was Rattle and Hum released on video?

When did the ZOO TV 3-part TV show air on MTV?

What’s the name of the theater in Mexico City where U2 and Mary J. Blige shot “One” video?

When did Bringing It All Back Home air on BBC/RTE? Sometime in 1991, I think, but when?

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  1. Coca says:

    The theater in Mexico City was “Teatro Ferrocarrilero” … I don’t know how is in English…

  2. Rob W says:

    http://www.amazon.com/U2-Rattle-Dennis-Bell-II/dp/6301236947 – that possibly outdated amazon link lists the release date for R&H on VHS as 7 Dec 1992.

    Can’t seem to find anything else online to verify this, though…

  3. Rob W says:

    One more possible piece of info:

    http://www.searchingforagem.com/Starlight/BobUnrelP.htm mentions “Prisoner of Love” as a possible working title for “Love Rescue Me”, with the recording being in Autumn 1987. The source mentioned is Tim Dunn – he seems to have authored a number of Dylan books – it might be worth trying to track him down for whatever info he can provide.

  4. Squid says:

    Teatro Ferrocarrilero means Railroad Theatre

  5. Matt says:

    Thanks guys. 🙂 Coca & Squid — I’ll need a real name if you’d like to be credited in the book for helping.

    Rob — the song was originally called “Prisoner of Love,” I think that’s established somewhere in the U2 books. I appreciate the lead on that Dylan guy. Thank you. The R&H home video had to come out sometime in 1989 because I watched it religiously my last year at college, 89-90….

  6. John says:

    According to Wikipedia :p the movie Rattle and Hum was released on October 27, 1988 in Ireland and on November 4, 1988 in the US…

  7. Coca says:

    Wow! would be nice!!! 😀

    Salvador “Cocainomano” Hernandez!

    yeah! hahahaha.

  8. Andreas says:

    Hi Matt! Some bits of info.

    About the Zoo TV show. I’m not completely sure what show you are referring to. Is “3-part” in fact the Triplecast project? In that case I’m pretty sure it never happened.

    In a Details interview conducted by William Gibson the ideas for this show is discussed in some detail. According to Gibson, who was personally involved in the project, the broadcast was planned for spring 1994. As far as I know nothing ever came of this. And I’ve looked…

    “Bringing It All Back Home” was aired on April 7, 1991. At least the part that contained “My Wild Irish Rose”.

    According to Bono “Love Rescue Me” was partly written at Edge’s place in Beverly Hills and later finished at Dylan’s place. (See; Stokes, Into The Heart)

    This was during their six months (February – July 1988) stay in LA, so this contradicts the Autumn 1987 theory.

    Cheers / Andreas (Sweden)

  9. Matt says:

    John – thank you, but I’m looking for the release date of the VHS home video. 🙂

    Salvador – thank you.

    Andreas — MTV aired a 3-part “Zoo TV” show which probably came from the Triplecast idea, but was quite different from that idea. And thanks for all the other info – much appreciated!

  10. spiderbite says:

    Hi, an update on the info on “Bringing It All Back Home”. According to Chatterton’s “U2 The Complete Encyclopedia” it was aired in August/September 91. I on the other hand have at least two audio/video sources stating April 7 as the airing date… Dunno.

    About Dick(Dik). I suppose you’re looking for a exact date here. I’ve never seen anything more precise than just 1959 (Chatterton, p.69).

    According to Eamon Dunphy (p.70,1993 ed.), Garvin and Gwenda lived in East London until the move to Malahide in 1962 so I guess that must be the location, right?.

    Do you have any more info/details on the Zoo TV show?

    Cheers / Andreas

  11. esparby says:

    This eBay listing has July 30, 1990 listed as the release date, but that seems a bit late, doesn’t it?



  12. esparby says:

    Well, maybe it’s not too late: further research continues to bring up 1990 as the VHS release year (another eBay listing shows it on the same date as the first), but one other source lists the release date as June 15 instead of July 30 (check the fourth and fifth listings):



  13. Matt says:

    Andreas – thanks again for all the info. I’m with you — I don’t believe BIABH aired in Fall, it was on earlier than thart from what I recall in my research. (I don’t have my home computer at the moment.)

    Erika – thank you, also. I do know it was 1989, and I believe it was Spring. Those sources may have the date of a 2nd distribution or some such thing. I remember buying it toward the end of my junior year in college…..

  14. esparby says:

    I found a discography/videography that has the release date as December 1989 (putting in the year helped a bit :p). I couldn’t find a date, though.


    I don’t know how helpful this is, but the songbook was released on January 1, 1989 (http://www.amazon.com/Rattle-hum-songbook-U2-Group/dp/0863596703), so maybe the VHS came out sometime around then?


  15. Tassoula says:

    The UK VHS version was released on April 15, 1990 (source: Amazon UK) and I also found the US date as December 7, 1992.

    Are you including Laserdiscs? If so, that date release is allegedly March 10, 1997 (source: IMDB)

  16. Joe says:

    Gavin Friday was given that name when he was 14 by “some friends” per this interview:

    U2 Magazine No. 4 from 1982 quotes Gavin as saying the names go back 10 years at that point:


    Not quite the answers you are looking for, but maybe a step on the path.

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