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Great, great night of writing

By on July 15, 2007 in Writing with 1 Comment

I was over in Seattle all of last week and didn’t get any work done on the book. Answer Guy is now here visiting at Casa McGee, but he called it a night early and I’ve been writing like a maniac.

Somehow I got stuck tonight on early December, 2002 — the Heart of America Tour that Bono did with DATA, and with the likes of Ashley Judd, Chris Tucker, and many others. When I began, there were two entries for that in the book — the day it started and the day it ended. Now, thanks to all kinds of research and a lot of article reading, I have full and complete entries for every day from November 30 (when Bono arrived in Nebraska) to November 9 (when he left for the Gangs of New York film premiere in NYC). At one point, I even busted out our Travel Atlas so I could figure out the exact order of all the stops they made at local diners, truck stops, high schools, etc. I’m more familiar with Iowa geography than ever!

All told, I went from two brief entries to almost four full pages of material. Sweet! I’m just waiting for some clarification on the last day or two from a friend who lives in Nashville, and I’ll be all done with the Heart of America Tour.

It’s been a great night of writing, and Answer Guy is sleeping like a baby in the other room.

Oh! Does anyone have any photos from the Heart of America Tour? If so, please contact me…..

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  1. rihannsu says:

    Contact Catherine Falsani if you haven’t already. She was along for that tour and from reading her blog she’d probably love to help. Her blog is at http://falsani.blogspot.com/

    She’s done several interviews with Bono too and he’s one of the ones she interviewed for her book “The God Factor” so you could get info about that too.


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