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Goldmine: ‘A Book to Get Lost In’

By on November 20, 2008 in Miscellaneous with 3 Comments

I’m not even sure this is their formal book review, but Goldmine magazine said some awfully nice things this week about U2 – A Diary:

Painstakingly researched and lovingly compiled, as only a passionate fan like author Matt McGee could, “U2 A Diary” is a thorough, comprehensive look at the history of one of the biggest bands in the world.

As the title indicates, the book is organized in diary form, and it trudges through the mountains of U2 minutiae with the nimble, sure-footed nature of a Sherpa. Incredibly detailed, and brimming with insights, “U2 A Diary” is a book to get lost in, as it traces the majestic trajectory of one of the few bands that still matter today.

I did an email interview with the writer, Peter Lindblad, a little while ago, and the quotes above are part of the first article/post from that interview. Peter says they’ll be publishing the rest of the interview in the near future.

Anybody gotten lost in the book yet? 🙂 It is quite lengthy. Heck, I’ll be impressed if anyone has even finished reading it at this point!

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  1. Tom says:

    I would love to get lost in it but Borders hasn’t received the book yet.

  2. Sean says:

    LOL! I think Dad has gotten lost in the book=-)

  3. Anita Smith says:

    i got mine yesterday – what a great book! it’s huge, i love the formatting and use of pictures and quotes! learned something i didn’t know in the first couple of pages – and i’ve been a fan for 25 years! Matt – you really have something to be proud of and i’m sure i will be keeping it in a handy spot for quite a while since it is destined to become the preeminent u2 reference book.

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