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Does anyone have…?

By on October 25, 2007 in Call for Help with 5 Comments

Does anyone have:

1) … the January 14, 1978, issue of NME in which Adam placed the fake classified ad as a manager named “Brian” who’s trying to get in touch with The Hype? I’d love a scan of that for the book. (I’m pretty sure the issue is dated Jan. 14, 1978.)

2) … the Old Grey Whistle Test DVD that came out a few years ago with U2’s early performance on it? I’m actually more interested in The Specials performance that’s on the DVD, and my question is: Does the DVD tell the exact date of The Specials performance/appearance?

Thanks, folks!

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  1. Noel says:

    I have the DVD but not to hand. This site narrows it down to October ’79.

  2. Paul White says:


    I can let you have a scan of the NME article, not from the original but from an NME compilation called “NME Originals” published a couple of years ago. I’ll scan it over the weekend for you. Where do I send it to ?

    I also have a book that I bought in the late 80s from a record fair that collects together early reviews from the Brirtish music press (up to around the War era I guess). If there’s anything that may interest you from that please let me know. I can send you some sample scans if you like.

    By the way, I’m the guy who sent you the scans from the Red Hill Mining Town video way back in the mid 90s. I was going to contact you to offer better quality scans but now it’s being made available on The Joshua Tree rerelease I don’t think there’s much point.

    Good luck with the book !

  3. Matt says:

    @Noel – thanks. I’ve seen that October performance The Specials did. Is that what’s on the DVD? Problem is that there’s no indication U2 played at the Baggott Inn that month. I’m hoping maybe TOGWT aired another Specials performance in August. Otherwise, this is one big mess of misinformation.

    @Paul – I thought I recognized your name! How are you? Thanks for dropping in here. Is the scan the same as the UNCUT LEGENDS magazine that came out in 2004? I have that, but would prefer to find an actual scan of the NME if possible. Send me what you have at matt-at-atu2.com and I’ll see if it’s the same as in my magazine.

    Also, that book – is it called “A Celebration of Their History”? If so, I do have that one. 🙂

  4. Dave says:

    I just checked the DVD and it only says 1979…nothing in the liner notes either. I also wanted to mention that I have a DVD titled We Will Follow (TV appearances 1978-1981). It has the specific date for U2 on Old Grey Whistle Test as 2-28-1981. It also has Swerige-TV, Mandagsborsen on 2-9-1981, German TV “Rockpalast” Berlin 4-11-1981, among others. If you are interested I can scan the DVD cover.

  5. Paul White says:


    I’ve checked Uncut Legends and the scan is the same.

    I can’t believe you’ve got a copy of “A Celebration of Their History”. I only ever saw it once !

    Good luck again with the book and sorry I couldn’t help you.

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