A day-by-day history of U2, now in its second edition.


Answers For You

By on November 10, 2007 in Writing with 0 Comments

Thanks for all the great questions and comments on that last post a few days ago. Let me try to answer these as best I can. And if anyone has additional questions, feel free to use the comments on this post. Raul asked: “Do you already have the cover done? How is it going to […]

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Any Questions for Me?

By on November 7, 2007 in Writing with 11 Comments

Blogging has been a bit quiet the past week or so, for one simple reason: I’m doing monotonous work on the book right now that doesn’t lend itself to many discussions or calls for help. What am I doing, you ask? Adding every tour date U2 has played into the manuscript. It’s terribly boring work, […]

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A Quick Survey for U2 Diary Readers

By on November 1, 2007 in Writing with 26 Comments

I assume you know that U2 Diary is going to be a series of date-based entries describing the history of U2, all the important dates and events that tell the band’s story. It’s not a running narrative like the official book, U2 by U2; in format, it much more closely resembles U2 Live – A […]

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75 Days To Go…

By on October 20, 2007 in Writing with 2 Comments

… until I have to submit the manuscript for U2 Diary to Omnibus Press. Yikes! January 2, 2008, is just around the corner. When I think about it as 2-and-a-half-months, it seems like nowhere near enough time. When I think about it as 10+ weeks, it seems a little better. But I prefer 75 days […]

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Great, great night of writing

By on July 15, 2007 in Writing with 1 Comment

I was over in Seattle all of last week and didn’t get any work done on the book. Answer Guy is now here visiting at Casa McGee, but he called it a night early and I’ve been writing like a maniac. Somehow I got stuck tonight on early December, 2002 — the Heart of America […]

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