A day-by-day history of U2, now in its second edition.

Book Samples

Happy Anniversary to the Album

By on February 28, 2008 in Book Samples with 2 Comments

Since today’s the 25th anniversary of the release of U2’s War album, I thought I’d post the diary entry for February 28, 1983. This is from the completed and edited manuscript, so should be exactly as it will appear in print later this year. This is also one of those entries that begins with a […]

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Book Sample: The Joshua Tree

By on December 12, 2007 in Book Samples with 3 Comments

Okay, I promised to post a book sample showing an album entry, and a couple readers suggested I post The Joshua Tree. That sounds as good as any to me, so here you go. 🙂 ————- March 9 U2 releases The Joshua Tree, their fifth studio album. The album cover features another cinematic Anton Corbijn […]

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Book Sample: U2 at Live Aid

By on November 15, 2007 in Book Samples with 13 Comments

Anyone up for a sample diary entry from the book? I thought I’d post the diary entry for July 13, 1985 — U2 at Live Aid. This is one of the longer diary entries, I think. (The album entries are all pretty long, too.) In addition to the text I’m writing, I hope to have […]

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Bono/U2 and Luciano Pavarotti

By on September 5, 2007 in Book Samples with 7 Comments
Bono/U2 and Luciano Pavarotti

You’ve probably heard the news that opera legend Luciano Pavarotti died Thursday morning at home in Italy. I thought I would share the U2 DIARY entries that mention Pavarotti; together, they paint a picture of the friendship U2, and particularly Bono, developed with the star tenor. September 12, 1995 Bono and Edge are joined by […]

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Sometimes, It’s the Small Victories…

By on July 8, 2007 in Book Samples with 1 Comment

I like when little things come together perfectly. Here’s an example of what just happened, and how it helped fill a small hole in the book: 1.) I’m reading this article to get some background about U2’s deal with ESPN for those World Cup soccer/football commercials last year. The article mentions that Bono and Paul […]

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