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BP Fallon and Zoo TV

By on January 3, 2011 in Call for Help with 4 Comments

Can anyone find an article confirming if, when and/or why BP Fallon was removed from his role as pre-show DJ during the Zoo TV Tour? My searches have come up empty.

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  1. Donal Murphy says:

    There does not seem to be any official confirmation of the whens or hows, but I did find this, which looks like extracts from Bill Flanagans book, Until The End Of The World.


    flick down to the section marked 123

    “Friday morning the Zoo crew get set to depart for Mexico City while the band stays behind to finish the damn TV special. Organizing the travel plans is Dennis Sheehan, U2’s longtime road manager. Disorga­nizing them is B. P. Fallon, the viber/deejay/guru who sits in his Trabant on the B stage every night before U2 comes on and spins records and tells the crowd to love each other while wearing a cape and big floppy hat. There are no two more dissimilar persons north of the equator than Dennis and Beep, and they go back a long way. In the seventies they were also on the road together, when Dennis was Led Zeppelin’s assistant tour manager and Beep was their publicist. When Bono insisted Beep be drafted for the Zoo tour, Dennis warned, in his quiet manner, that Beep was not at his best on the road. Dennis likes to run his operation like the army, and Beep is the Furry Freak Brother model of a conscientious objector.

    In the lobby this morning Beep, who weighs about as much as a canary, is straining under the great weight of a wooden cart laden with a pile of suitcases, trunks, and stereo gear literally taller than the pixielike hippie. Apparently he didn’t have his stuff together in time for the luggage pickup, so they left without him. Lately Beep’s been on proba­tion. He has a tendency to skip out on the incidental charges on his hotel bills, and to pile his trunks and suitcases onto staggering bellboys whom he never tips. There was so much complaining about “Freebie Fallon” from hotel staff that Dennis resorted to the heaviest penalty: B. P.’s case was handed over to Larry “the Hanging Judge” Mullen, who has agreed to let B. P. finish out the rest of the 1992 dates if he stays out of trouble. (A new deejay will be brought in for the ’93 shows.)”

    So it appears BP did all the 1992 gigs, but was dropped for various offences, and Denis Sheehan knew from previous experience that he was not good on the road.

  2. Matt says:

    Thx Donal. Someone had emailed or maybe mentioned on Twitter that he was kicked off right in the middle of the tour, which I think would be more newsworthy than him finishing all the ’92 gigs but not doing the tour in 1993. Guess I’ll just skip this one for now. Thanks for the help — I vaguely recall that book passage now that you posted it.

  3. OptimaX says:

    I was at the show in Rotterdam 1992 and there was no BP fallen there. So maybe he only did the first leg of the tour?

  4. According to Bill Graham’s Hot Press from 1992, U2’s gig in Zurich featured BP.
    That wouldve been May 1992 according to u2setlists.com.
    Why he wasn’t in Rotterdam isn’t apparent to me, but according to bp’s faraway, so close book, he was there for the indoor leg of the US tour 1992, that of the UK/Europe tour 1992,
    and I for one remember him distinctly in Kansas City on 18 October 1992, during the Outside Broadcast leg of 1992.

    If anyone remembers songs or can cite articles mentioning records he’d spun, or has a list from one of his pre-show DJ slots, I’d be most grateful if you’d contact me directly on argoninja2112@aol.com, or post it here. Cheers. Jason

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