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Bono & Farm Aid II

By on October 25, 2007 in The Things You Learn with 4 Comments

Who knew?

Scott Cleaver, a U2 fan in New Zealand, sent me an article about Greg Carroll that appeared in a Maori magazine. The article is recounting Carroll’s story, which I thought I knew pretty well, until it says this:

Bono was in Texas to appear in concert with American country star Willie Nelson when the sad news reached him. “I had been in my hotel one hour after a 13-hour flight,” he said. “I caught the next plane back to Dublin.”

Carroll died on July 3, 1986, so Willie Nelson would have to be doing a concert on July 4 or thereabouts for this to make sense. Sure enough, Farm Aid II happened on July 4, 1986.

Am I the only one who never knew Bono was planning to appear at that? I had no clue….

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There Are 4 Brilliant Comments

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  1. bjoern says:

    looks like it 🙂 if that Maori magazine is right that is. nice finding.

  2. Raul says:

    As Nelson readied to finally take the stage, rumours began to fly that Bono was in the house and would make a surprise appearance, but due to a night partying with Pearl Jam and Hollywood celebs in Toronto, he didn’t show.

    (Sep. 18, 2005: sligtly diferent but still a Bono’s reference)


  3. u2search says:

    I think this one is busted.

    In a 2 hour radio special on http://www.phantom.fm/ Paul McGuinness just told the story on Greg Caroll and he clearly said that the boys were drinking in a Dublin bar, when Bono asked Greg to drive his bike home (and subsequently crashed it). No way Bono could have been in / flew to Texas then.

    I see no reason to doubt Paul’s words on this.

  4. Matt says:

    I don’t know … I’m probably more inclined to trust Bono’s story one year later than Paul’s story 21 years later, y’know? 🙂

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