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Are You Up for a Group Reading Project?

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In addition to three years of new material (2008-2010), the second edition of U2 – A Diary will have an appendix in the back with new information that was missed in the original book.

That appendix will also include corrections of what was published in the first book. And I’m hoping to find some U2 fans to help make sure any and all mistakes are corrected.

My idea: a group reading project!

I don’t think I’ll have time between now and the end of January to re-read all 336 pages of the first book. But if there’s a group of us re-reading the book, it’s a more doable project.

What I Need

– about 10-20 people who will volunteer to re-read a portion of the first book

– you’ll be looking for mistakes, misspellings, typos, and anything else that needs to be corrected

– you’ll make a list of what you find and send me that list via email when you’re done

– your deadline will be December 31, 2010

What You Need

– a copy of the first edition of U2 – A Diary — the primary, English-language version

– a good grasp of the English language

– a good/deep knowledge of U2 facts and information

How to Help

– to volunteer, use the Contact Page to send me your name and email address (so I can reply)

– if there’s a specific section of the book you want to help with, like “1980 and 1981”, let me know when you send the email and I’ll do my best to assign you that section (but no promises)

After That…

– I’ll collect emails for a couple days and then send you an email with your assignment (if I somehow get a TON of replies on this, I might send you a “thanks, but I have enough volunteers” message)

– I’ll add the corrections to the book update, be eternally grateful, and list your name in the new “Acknowledgments” section


Sound good? If you have any questions, leave a comment below. But don’t leave a comment to volunteer for the group reading — I need you to contact me via email if you want to help. Thanks in advance!

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