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Thanks for all the great questions and comments on that last post a few days ago. Let me try to answer these as best I can. And if anyone has additional questions, feel free to use the comments on this post.

Raul asked: “Do you already have the cover done? How is it going to be? A photo of the band? A Bono photo? No photo?”

The cover is out of my hands. Omnibus (the publisher) has an art department, a photo editor, etc., and coming up with the cover is their job, not mine. I have a specific photo in mind that I’d love to see as the cover image, and I’m going to suggest it at the appropriate time. But the photographer may not want to license it, or may want too much money, etc. Photos, layout, the cover — all the stuff related to the “look” will be dealt with after I turn in the manuscript (which is due January 2nd).

OptimaX asked:

“1. What is the size of the book going to be? I travel a lot and i think i like to have it with me so i can read it in public transport.
2. Will there be a hardback and/or paperback version?
3. As time will continue after the book is ready, is there some sort of clever way to ‘update’ the book with new additions? Or aren’t you planning on contineuing the diary after the book!”

1. I believe the plan is to have the book be about the same size as U2 LIVE, although that may change.
2. I believe there will only be a paperback.
3. I am planning to keep tracking U2’s activities day-to-day. Omnibus will be the ones who decide if the book will be updated. It’s written in the contract that I get first dibbs if they decide to do an update. Considering they’ve done two updates of U2 LIVE, my guess is they’ll want to update U2 DIARY, also — assuming A) I do a good job, and B) the book sells well.

blueshades asked: “Will you be mentioning the founding of @U2?”

Heheheheee. Well, at this moment, the founding of @U2 is not included in the manuscript. I’m flattered you think it should be there, and I gave it some thought since it’s the oldest running fan site around, but I couldn’t justify it. I do include the “U2 Fan Celebration” that we co-hosted with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003, because we had the official connection and appearance by Steve Averill and Shaughn McGrath from Four5One. So, @U2 will be mentioned at that point.

Coca asked: “there will be a pre-sale or something like? and. If I buy the book, will you be able to sign it?”

I have no idea how the sales part works. 🙂 My guess is that Omnibus will announce a release date and the book will appear sometime around then. I’m sure you’ll be able to pre-order it on Amazon or your favorite bookstore site. Publishing seems a bit flaky to me, at least that’s my impression from reporting on all the U2 books that have come out in recent years. They announce a date, and then you never know if the book will show up before or after that date.

I remember when the latest U2 LIVE update came out, I was able to buy a copy in my local store before Caroline received her copy from Omnibus. Crazy!

And if you buy the book, I will scratch my head wondering why anyone would want my signature, but since you’ve been a help here on the blog, Coca, I’ll do it for you. 🙂

Bjorn asked: “if there would be an audible version of the book, whom would you want to have it read by?”

Ha! What a fun question! Okay … do you know the actor Dennis Haysbert? He’s on a show called The Unit here in the U.S., and he’s also the spokesman for Allstate — he’s the guy in their TV commercials. I love his voice, so he’d be the choice.

Grantham said: “I think you are doing a hell of a job….I look forward to the book. You’ll have to toss a Santa Hat reference in somewhere.”

Thanks, old friend. I don’t know if the Santa Hat episode will make the cut. I’m leaving the really detailed concert stories to U2 LIVE, but we’ll see. What a great night that was…..

Thanks again for all the great questions, everyone! Please post any more in the comments below.

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