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And the winner is…

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Sorry for not posting sooner on this. I’m not online as much on weekends. Anyhoo…….

Thank you to everyone who took me up on the offer to do a five-question interview about U2 – A Diary. We ended up with 14 interviews published online, and after opening up the contest, we reached triple digits in vote count.

The winning interview?

Congratulations, Beth! That was a fun interview to do, and I think my favorite question was the last one Beth asked, about the appearance of any sermons in U2 – A Diary:

U2 Sermons: Since this blog began with a book of homiletics that drew on U2’s work, here’s my effort to make the interview on topic: Any mention of preaching or sermons in U2: A Diary?

McGee: How about this… The first mention of a sermon is about the fact that Shalom leader Chris Rowe gave the sermon at Bono’s and Ali’s wedding in 1982, despite the fact that U2 had — according to conventional wisdom — already left Shalom by then. In truth, it shows that the situation was a bit more complex than that, and that the relationships and connections still existed, even after U2 had survived its spiritual crisis and committed to staying together as a band.

Beth’s $50 Amazon.com gift certificate is already on its way, and a copy of the book will be on its way, too, once I get my hands on the book. 🙂

Thanks again to all who participated! As a reminder, there’ll be another contest soon so that people who don’t have blogs or web sites can also participate. Stay tuned for that….

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  1. Beth says:

    Thanks, everybody, for voting for my interview. I’m glad you all liked it. Your votes bought me a copy of another forthcoming book I’m excited about, Tim Keller’s “The Prodigal God,” which is all about Grace.

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