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Allen Ginsberg at PopMart News Conference?

By on July 15, 2007 in Call for Help with 2 Comments

This Vanity Fair article by Lisa Robinson says that poet Allen Ginsberg was in attendance when U2 announced the PopMart Tour at the K-Mart in New York City.

Why have I never heard that before? He died about two months later, as I understand.

Any chance someone can confirm that?

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  1. rihannsu says:

    There’s a DVD bio of Ginsberg that Bono contributed to, so maybe if you check that out they might mention something or you might be able to contact whoever is handling Ginsberg’s estate. That close to his death it would probably be easy for them to confirm.

  2. Tassoula says:

    Hey Matt –


    Ginsberg is credited as part of the cast in this TV special about Pop; what do you want to bet it’s footage of him at the launch?

    And I’d bargain that our pal Sherry has the special somewhere in her VHS archives (if you don’t).

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