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Record Collector: 3-star review

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Thanks to Eric for pointing me toward this Record Collector review of U2 – A Diary. I have no idea how old the review is, and there’s no date on the web page.

It’s a 3-star review, but I don’t know if that’s 3-out-of-4 or 3-out-of-5. Hmmmm. The text seems favorable:

Whether this is of interest to you – even as a U2 fan – depends largely on what kind of books you like reading – and that’s not as trite a point as it sounds. Truly, lists and quotes appeal to a certain section of the music buying public more than the conjecture and received wisdom of flowing prose. We know which we prefer.

I suppose you could say tha RC doesn’t make it obvious how they feel about the book. But, given that it’s a magazine that focuses on facts and figures, values, release dates, and other collecting details, I’m taking this as a “we prefer this style of book ahead of flowing prose.”

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