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Propaganda magazines?

By on September 5, 2007 in Call for Help with 14 Comments

Does anyone have all of the Propaganda magazines?

It occurred to me a little while ago that I should at least make a brief mention in the book of the month & year when every edition of U2 Magazine and Propaganda was published. The book, U2 – The Best of Propaganda has a nice spread showing the covers of every issue of Propaganda, but the images are too small to discern a date. And since I sold all my copies of both magazines, I’m in the dark here.

Here’s what I need: Publishing dates for the full list of 29 Propaganda magazines. The cover of each one should say “Month, Year” or maybe “Season, Year” — whatever it says, I’ll take it. 🙂

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Beth says:

    Surely you know this, but you can see the first several years of “U2 Magazine” here.

  2. Matt says:

    Already got those, Beth. It’s the Props I need. 🙂

  3. Colleen says:

    I have all the Propagandas from 89 and on. I can get you the dates but it will take me a few days.

  4. Matt says:

    Thanks Colleen! Please leave (or email me) your last name so I can give you proper credit. 🙂

  5. bjoern says:

    January 01, 1986 – Propaganda, Issue 1
    April 01, 1986 – Propaganda, Issue 2
    August 01, 1986 – Propaganda, Issue 3
    December 01, 1986 – Propaganda, Issue 4
    January 01, 1987 – Propaganda, Issue 5
    June 01, 1987 – Propaganda, Issue 6
    October 01, 1987 – Propaganda, Issue 7
    April 01, 1988 – Propaganda, Issue 8
    January 01, 1989 – Propaganda, Issue 9
    April 01, 1989 – Propaganda, Issue 10

    check if you get the rest from Colleen

  6. bjoern says:

    for the later ones also refer to:

    issue 11 was out September 01, 1989

  7. Matt says:

    Bjorn – is that listing from your collection? It looks like the dates we used in @U2 News. 🙂

  8. Richard Lamberti says:

    Hi again Matt,

    I’ve got all copies of Propaganda from issue 1 but the problem is a number of them actually don’t have an exact date on them! We also need to bear in mind that there were actually 33 issues of Propaganda and not 29 – not sure if you’ve remembered the 3 issues when the format changed (see page 272 of The Best Of Prop… book).

    The other ‘missing’ issue is also an error in the Best Of… book – the 2-page spread you mention in the book (pages 38-39) doesn’t show issue 20 (which is the one before the ‘Melon’ issue) so the book is wrong. Issue 20 has a white cover with a picture of Adam on it; if you are thinking of showing all the cover pictures in your book let me know and I’ll e-mail you a scan of the cover of no 20.

    So the best I can do is list all 33 issues I have for you, with the dates that they say or, where there isn’t one, the best I can find from the mag. Here goes:-

    1 – Guess at Jan ’86. Inside cover says “all material U2 1986”. We also know that issue 16 (the final one) of the original U2 mag was Autumn/Fall 1985 so this would tie-in nicely. Also, U2wanderer.org states that Jan ’86 saw the launch of Propaganda.

    2 – Guess at June ’86. Inside mag says it’s published quarterly but has pictures from the band’s appearance at Self Aid in Dublin in May, so the mag must have been published after that!

    3 – Guess at Sept ’86 – inside mag has a short piece about Greg Carroll’s death on 3rd July but also the release on 1st Sept of “Heroine” – the single of the theme tune from “The Captive” album, for which Edge wrote the soundtrack.

    4 – Guess at Jan ’87. Inside mag says it’s a year since Prop launched.

    5 – Guess at April ’87 – inside mentions release of Joshua Tree on 9th March.

    6 – Guess at Oct ’87 – inside mentions tour starting on 2nd April (in Tempe, Arizona) and there’s also an interview with Edge which quotes “six months into the Joshua Tree tour”.

    7 – Guess at Jan ’88 – mentions tour coming to an end after 9 months and also about the band wanting to get a new album and movie out ‘this year’ (Rattle & Hum).

    8 (inc Joshua Tree tour pictorial – i.e. 2 mags!) – Guess at July ’88 – mentions summer of ’88 inside and say band have been in Los Angeles for 6 months (did they go there in Jan ’88?).

    9 – Guess at Jan ’89 – mentions 1988 coming to an end and the next issue being in April ’89!

    10 – Guess at May ’89 – mentions what the band got up to in April and says it is now ‘Spring’.

    11 – Guess at Oct ’89 – mentions start of LoveTown tour happened in Sept.

    12 – Guess at Feb ’90 – has pictures and story from end of tour at Point, Dublin on 31st Dec and, given long lead-times for publishing the mag (mentioned in previous mags) it is unlikely that they would have published as early as Jan.

    13 – Guess approx Autumn 1990 – says Band were flying off to Berlin to work with Wim Wenders when this issue went to the printers? Also, says gap since last issue has been unusually long and will only be matched by gap to next one (expected Spring 1991).

    14 – Guess Spring/Summer 1991 – talks about the new album ( to be Achtung Baby) hitting the shops in the Autumn and a single expected in Sept (to be ‘The Fly’).

    15 – Winter 1991/2 (they get easier from now onwards!).

    16 – Spring/Summer ’92

    17 – Winter 1992/3

    18 – Autumn/Winter 1993/94

    19 – Spring/Summer 1994

    20 – Summer/Autumn 1994

    21 – Winter/Spring 1995

    22 – Spring/Summer 1995

    23 – Autumn/Winter 1995

    24 – Summer 1996

    25 – Says Winter 1997 but it must mean Winter 1996…

    26 – Spring/Summer 1997

    27 – Winter 1997

    28/29 (double issue) – Summer 1998

    30 – Jubilee 2000 issue, Winter 1999

    Volume 2, issue 1 – Summer 2000

    Volume 2, issue 2 – Winter 2000

    Volume 3 (typing error on the mag presumably!), issue 3 – Summer 2002

    Sorry can’t be more exact with nos 1-14 but hope this helps Matt!

  9. Colleen says:

    Got some of my Propaganda copies out today and saw that Richard got all the dates for you. IA that the first few issues of the mag does not give dates. And even when they would say one would be coming out by a certain time, did not always mean that was true! Good Luck!

  10. Matt says:

    Thanks, guys. Richard — wow, that list is a HUGE help. Thank you. Colleen, you’re right that they weren’t true to plan. I’m going through the @U2 news archives (we have more articles posted than they put in the BEST OF PROP. book) and comparing the clues in those articles to the dates you listed, Richard. I think most are accurate, but some I think are a little off. But what a huge help! Thanks again…

  11. Jenny says:

    I am not sure if you want this information but i have the issues prior to Propaganda being formed. Do you want information on the offical U2 fan club issues prior to Propaganda?

  12. Matt says:

    Thanks, Jenny — I did get access to those early “U2 Magazines,” too. I’m all set with that.

  13. Jon Olson says:

    Richard Lamberti,

    Do you know if anyone has ever scanned in all the issues to a digital format (like pdf)? Or know if anyone would be willing to scan them in (i know it would be a pain)?

    Much thanks,
    Jon Olson

  14. Chris says:

    Hi Matt!

    just looking for scanned if possible old Propaganda issues as Im looking for someone I have written to back in 1987 as penpals. Without giving anything away and to protect her, she was included on the penpals listing s so would need to look for it there. Can you help?

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