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Interviewed on U2tour.de

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If those 14 interviews I did a couple weeks ago weren’t enough, here’s a longer and more in-depth conversation you might like:

U2tour.de: Interview with Matt McGee

Here’s a little bit of it:

How many fans helped to write the book and sent their stories in to you?
Hundreds! I don’t have an exact count, but there are close to 200 fans listed in the acknowledgments, and I’m sure I left some out. I received more than a thousand emails from all over the world while I was working on the book. The fans were amazing. The book is so much better because of their help. And I have to thank you and your team especially for the emails you sent with good information. Your web site was also a big help — the tour date archive, the video archive, and much more.

Bjorn and Hans and Flo and the whole gang at U2tour.de really seem like good guys. I hope to get the chance to meet them someday. Thanks for doing an interview with me about the book, guys.

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