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Friend’s Review: ‘…incredible historical document…’

By on November 24, 2008 in Reviews & Feedback with 1 Comment

Good reviews are always fun to read, and it’s especially nice when people you know and like — and whose opinions you respect — have good things to say about U2 – A Diary. My friend Todd Mintz, himself a big music fan, bought a copy of the book and wrote a review today that praises the book, as well as all of you who helped research and write it here on U2diary.com:

McGee (and all the other fans / contributors at U2Diary.com) have put together an incredible historical document on one of the most important rock bands ever and if you have any interest / like for U2, this is an essential book to own.

Todd also picks up on the 100% objective voice with which I wrote the book — there’s no editorializing. I’m surprised earlier reviews haven’t discussed that, and wonder if future reviews will mention it. We’ll see.

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