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Last Call for Help

By on December 30, 2007 in Call for Help with 4 Comments

And it’s not really much of a call for help, because I’m not sure these are the kinds of things anyone knows or can discover. But I’ll post them, and if nothing else, I’ll add them to the unsolved mysteries category in a few days. I’ve never been able to find out when Bono recorded […]

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List of U2 Magazine Cover Appearances

By on December 28, 2007 in Call for Help with 20 Comments

I don’t know if there’ll be a place in the book for this, but I think it’s worth trying. What I’m posting below is a list of magazine issues that have had U2 or one of the band members on the cover. The list is a joint production of two fans: Mary C. and Lynn […]

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It’s a Musical Journey

By on December 25, 2007 in Writing with 0 Comments

The snow’s coming down (Christmas) I’m watching it fall (Christmas) Just my family around (Christmas) And I’m almost done… Santa Claus brought me a stack of new CDs, which has made today’s writing a very enjoyable musical journey (when not interrupted by the occasional break to help a child put together a train set, for […]

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The Obligatory Bono Quote

By on December 24, 2007 in Writing with 1 Comment

Just wanted to let you all know that U2 Diary will include everyone’s favorite pre-album Bono quote: “Edge, right now, is on fire. He’s really rockin’. He’s playing guitar like I’ve never seen him playing guitar.” I won’t tell you the exact date/diary entry the quote is associated with (there are several possibilities!), so you […]

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U2 1979 Baggott Inn Confusion = Solved

By on December 21, 2007 in The Things You Learn with 0 Comments

This makes me so happy, you have no idea. 🙂 You may recall back in October that I had questions about the August 21, 1979, show where several record company executive came to see U2 play, and the guys from EMI Records supposedly left in the middle of the show to go watch a band […]

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