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Bono & Farm Aid II

By on October 25, 2007 in The Things You Learn with 4 Comments

Who knew? Scott Cleaver, a U2 fan in New Zealand, sent me an article about Greg Carroll that appeared in a Maori magazine. The article is recounting Carroll’s story, which I thought I knew pretty well, until it says this: Bono was in Texas to appear in concert with American country star Willie Nelson when […]

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Does anyone have…?

By on October 25, 2007 in Call for Help with 5 Comments

Does anyone have: 1) … the January 14, 1978, issue of NME in which Adam placed the fake classified ad as a manager named “Brian” who’s trying to get in touch with The Hype? I’d love a scan of that for the book. (I’m pretty sure the issue is dated Jan. 14, 1978.) 2) … […]

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Going Against the Grain

By on October 21, 2007 in Researching with 1 Comment

There are certain U2 facts that have been repeated and reported enough that we assume they’re accurate. One of these is the idea that U2 signed with CBS Ireland in March, 1979. That’s mentioned in several magazine articles and other places, and up until a few moments ago it was in U2 Diary, too. But […]

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75 Days To Go…

By on October 20, 2007 in Writing with 2 Comments

… until I have to submit the manuscript for U2 Diary to Omnibus Press. Yikes! January 2, 2008, is just around the corner. When I think about it as 2-and-a-half-months, it seems like nowhere near enough time. When I think about it as 10+ weeks, it seems a little better. But I prefer 75 days […]

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Larry marching…?

By on October 13, 2007 in Call for Help with 8 Comments

As I finish up U2 by U2, I see Larry mentioning that he once marched in an anti-war rally in Dublin. I vaguely recall seeing a photo of him doing that…. Does anyone have a clue what day that happened? Must’ve been 2003, 2004 or 2005, right?

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